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Wynn Resorts Liable for Junket Debt: Top Macau Court Makes Watershed Ruling

Macau’s Court of Final Appeal on Wednesday upheld a ruling that found Wynn Resorts Macau jointly liable with a junket operator, Dore Entertainment, for a HK$6 million (US$747,482) debt to a VIP player.

Experts expect the ruling to have far-reaching implications for Macau’s casino industry and its relationship with the junket sector.

The case dates to 2015, when Mimi Chow, then a cage manager for the junket’s private VIP room at the Wynn Macau, absconded with around HK$700 million ($US 90 million) in high-roller deposits and investments. Her whereabouts remain unknown, and the money has never been recovered.

Chow Still at Large
In the aftermath of the crime, several lawsuits were brought against Wynn Resorts Macau by individuals who claimed they had lost money. The plaintiffs said Dore was not paying up and sought restitution from Wynn.

Of these claims, just one, for $HK6 million was permitted to proceed, because the others could not provide documentation that proved their losses.