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These are the most technologically driven economies in the world

Technology is a primary component of developed economies as it involves mature markets that invest heavily in a sector that generates many incomes and great margins thanks to the actual value of technological products in areas like electronics, biotechnology, informatics, and programming.

Technology and innovation in a country can be analyzed thru the number of patent registrations in a country, the investment in higher education and the percentages of the educated population, the productivity of a country (GDP), the number of researchers compared to the total population and the number of tech companies in the country.

According to the previous factors, the following countries are the most innovational in the world:

South Korea:
From the private sector side, it’s the biggest manufacturer of smartphones and TV’s, with companies such as Samsung and LG leading the way in worldwide markets. From the public sector side, South Korea is the country with the most investments in research and development which translates into one of the highest numbers of university programs and doctorates.