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How DeFi is Levelling up The Playing Field For Gaming and Betting

The DeFi industry is growing at warp speed. According to DeFi Pulse, the arena now enjoys over $111.51B in TVL total value locked in. This number is growing exponentially, up from $93 billion just a month earlier, which represents a staggering 25% growth. The top three protocols leading this growth include Maker, Curve, and Aave, accounting for over 19%, 17%, and 14% of all locked-in value respectively, and who all specialize in DeFi for investing. DeFi classically is used for investing, borrowing, lending, and banking, with the potential for generous passive yield that is often unparalleled in centralized money markets.

DeFi For Gaming
However, lately, we have seen some other significant DeFi use cases come to light, which includes gaming. In fact in the first half of 2021 alone, according to the BGA blockchain game report, “Demand for blockchain-powered games has increased, with The blockchain gaming sector showing a more visible footprint in the industry as the space grew 121% in terms of unique active wallets reaching more than 804,000 unique users.”

This success can be particularly seen through the new ‘Play to Earn’ gaming model which is literally shaking up the arena. Play to Earn takes the gaming model away from rewarding users for just winning and incentivizes them for playing more. The more they play, the more they win.

DappRadar believes that “The success stories of play-to-earn games are a positive sign for the entire blockchain industry. The industry is represented by different blockchains in contrast to DeFi or NFTs where the focus is on the few. The involvement of NFTs in gaming dapps is positively affecting the space and the rise of the Non-Fungible Tokens is not expected to scale down anytime”

Mafia Syndicates, Trading Cards, and Denomination
Crypto’s Mafia Wars is one gaming arena that is fully on board the Play to Earn model. This new mafia metaverse, which is launching its own community in a matter of days, will not require upfront fees. According to them, “It’s not fair to ask people to pay $1000 hard-earned money before they can play or earn from the game. This is the crypto era and we want everyone to have an equal right to be able to play and earn. If Call Of Duty can become F2P, why can’t crypto games.” SYN CITY, is introducing a brand new model for governance known as Mafia-as-a-DAO or MaaD. It allows users to build their own mafia syndicates, where gamers can play and earn together, by working their way through events, investing in businesses, and simply by participating in the governance.