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How Australian casinos work

An online casino in Australia is a site or mobile app with a gigantic list of real money games. If you started gambling 10 or more years ago, you managed to play in land-based casinos, which were popular in those days. But over time, trends have changed and online play has become easier and more convenient. To date, land-based casinos have lost almost all of their visitors, and many establishments have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Opening of the first casinos in Australia
Real money gambling has a long history. The first underground casinos opened in the United States over 200 years ago. These were illegal establishments that were kept by the mafia and criminal gangs. In Europe, gambling was also common in theaters during intermission and at large parties. Years passed, gambling developed and became more open and accessible entertainment. In Australia, the first land-based casino opened in 1973 in Tasmania. The elite gambling facility at the Wrest Point Hotel gained fame and set the starting point for the development of casinos in the country.

Since 1980, many new casinos have opened, providing different types of gambling. Having visited such an entertainment complex, you could have a drink in a bar, play golf, dance or win money in your favorite casino game. Australian casinos have become famous all over the world and have several million unique visitors from around the globe. Maybe Australian casinos are not as famous as the top places in Las Vegas or Macau, but they have their own unique charm and make you want to come back here again.

2020 has had a huge impact on the state of land-based casinos in Australia and other countries. Some casinos have closed, and the “survivors” of the pandemic have lost more than 70% of visitors. Today, people, first of all, think about their safety, and therefore they choose to play online, rather than go to their favorite entertainment venue. Tourism also suffered from the global lockdown, which also affected land-based casinos. If you want to continue gambling but don’t risk visiting crowded places, then it’s time to discover online gambling.