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Has igaming reached a fork in the road?

Entain’s chief governance officer Robert Hoskin believes that the industry has two possible futures: harsh regulation or innovative technology-led solutions, including those from his own company. Can those solutions be accepted by governments and regulators?

In introducing Entain’s new Advance Responsibility and Care (ARC) technology – an AI-powered series of tools designed to reduce gambling harm – at the Entain Sustain conference, the operator’s chief governance officer Robert Hoskin made a bold claim about the future of safer gambling.

“I believe we are at a major fork in the road in the future of gambling,” he said. “One route is poor regulation. It takes away the rights of people to do as they choose, it takes a heavy-handed approach to checks, limits and ultimately play.

“That route only offers more problems, driving players to the black market with insufficient player protection checks.

“The other route is ARC.”

There is no doubt that Entain believes its new solution, which offers a number of automated interventions for at-risk customers, including a forced “cooling-off” block if required, is a key tool in fighting gambling harm. It believes it can be more effective than rules imposed on the operator by any regulator.