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Sega Sammy Shows Interest in Getting Into Online Gambling Sector

CEO Haruki Satomi says Sega may use investment funds to enter the sector
Online betting may become a priority for the company if opportunities arise
Sega Sammy is also considering investing in NFT and M&A options.
Disney and Twitter have also announced potential sports betting market entries

From video games to online gambling

The online gambling market may soon have an attractive new operator offering services after a recent announcement by Sega Sammy. The Japanese video gaming company may transition into the iGaming sector as part of a business improvement plan. Known for creating video game content and consoles, the move would be a completely different operation format for the company.

Video gamers know the company for its Sonic the Hedgehog character and games like Streets of Rage and Gunstar Heroes. Originally branded Sega, the company now goes by Sega Sammy after merging with the Sammy Corporation in 2004.

Sega Sammy investment plans
During the recent second-quarter financial results, Sega Sammy announced that the company plans to invest JPY100bn ($8.7m) to improve the overall business. CEO Haruki Satomi stated that the company is considering using the funds in several ways, including entering the online gambling market.

Satomi said that within the next three years, opportunities may emerge in the domestic IR business that may interest the company.