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Fantasy Sports Global Market Growth Fueled by Japan

Following the path paved by fantasy sports recorded a massive spike in popularity and revenue in the last decade. An activity with roots all the way back into the 1960s’ that was also referred to as “rotisserie sports.” Steadily but surely has found the path towards becoming a multi-billion global industry, with most of it taking center stage in Japan. Don’t worry.

We won’t bore you with fantasy football’s history (not that you can actually pinpoint anything regarding where it first started). Instead, we’re going to look at today’s trends, main markets and analyze where the industry is heading. But first, for our readers that make first contact with fantasy sports, let’s start with some basic information on the phenomenon.

Fantasy sports are a type of game that is mostly played online and require participants to put together virtual teams composed of real players from certain professional sports. If you’ve followed EURO 2020 closely and downloaded the UEFA app, you probably noticed the possibility of putting together a team using any player in the tournament. Then, as the matches unfolded, you accumulated points or various achievements corresponding to the real-life performance of said players.


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