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Origins & History of Poker & Online Casinos in India

Besides religion, India is a country of miracles and many contradictions. Its history is rich consisting of several pages. One of the pages focuses on gambling. However, India’s commitment to gambling has remained complicated for years. The law allows certain games while banning others. As such, it has affected the growth of certain areas of the gambling industry. Luckily, the online gaming industry has remained unwavering since its inception. Read on as we dive deep into the history of poker and online casinos in India.

History of poker
Arguably, poker is one of the most popular card games, not only in India by in the world at large. Mostly denoted as a highly strategic game played in online casinos, poker is now more than that. It has undergone several development stages, giving rise to its different variations. Interestingly, most online casinos in India have most, if not all variants in their games lobby.

Poker’s history can be traced back to the 18th century where it was played by a Chinese emperor. Some historians also believe that the game is a descendant of As Nas, an ancient board game from Persia. However, the roots of poker became clearer when it landed in America.


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