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How Is Fantasy Gaming Booming In India?

As soon as the Indian Premier League or ISL starts, you can see several fantasy cricket ads and Fantasy football ads flooding your TV screen. You may be eager to know why? Well, whether or not you are a player, or have knowledge about fantasy games, here we’re going to give you a complete overview of fantasy gaming in India. You will be amazed to know how much Indians love to play fantasy cricket, apart from the regular gully cricket. And that’s the reason fantasy gaming is literally thriving in India.

What Is Fantasy Gaming?
If you are not into gaming, you must know a little about fantasy gaming. A fantasy game is one that is played over the internet where players make their virtual teams selecting real-life players. The win or loss in the fantasy game depends upon the real performance of the player you have chosen in your team. So, if AB de Villiers is on your side and hits a century, you earn points. Then you can get the rewards directly in your bank account or wallet. But remember, they require you to pay a nominal initial fee.

How Popular is Fantasy Gaming In India?With Dream11 hosting the IPL 2021, you can understand the reach of fantasy gaming companies. With the increasing use of smartphones, most people are taking part in online games. Also, there are cash rewards that attract people. The revenue was somewhere near 200 crores in 2014, which doubled in four years and rose to 438 crores in 2018. In 2019, it showed tremendous growth and reached 920 crores which took only one year to triple up, and in 2020, the figures touched a mighty 2470 crore.

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