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Banning online gambling easier said than done?

Unless sites are blocked by Centre, crackdown will be tough, claim officials
Karnataka will join its southern neighbours in bringing in a legislation to ban online betting and gambling in the upcoming Legislature session starting on Monday.

While the law will provide stringent punishment for those flouting the ban if they are caught, enforcing such a ban and monitoring the Internet is easier said than done, senior police officers admitted. Another hurdle is limited resources to tackle cyber crime.

“The only way we can enforce a ban is to write to the Union government to block gambling websites and apps. Karnataka will also write to them with a list of portals and apps to be blocked once the law is in place,” said a senior police official.

However, online gambling has not been banned across the country yet.

Telangana was one of the first States to ban online gambling with a law in 2017. So far, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh brought laws and amendments to ban online gambling in the last one year alone.

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