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Special Report – Waiting for the digital yuan

Unexpectedly, a theme emerged in the context of the new public tender, even though it’s not clear, at this point, what its connection to the terms of the future re-tendering might be: the likely addition of China’s digital RMB as legal tender in Macau.

Whether it will be associated with the next contest or not (as is more likely), the introduction of the digital RMB promises to have serious implications for the future of local gaming – and that will end up being directly related to the conditions of the international public tender.

“Enforcing use of the cryptocurrency could devastate casinos. It would allow the government to more closely trace the money movements of high-rolling gamblers, which could cause VIPs to abandon Macao for other countries,” Rich Duprey, one of The Motley Fool’s most well-known chroniclers, wrote last April.

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