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Fighting Fish Betta

Siamese fighting fish originated in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. As early as the 18th century, it was an activity that people loved. It spread from Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States. It evolved from recreational games to gambling activities.

The name betta makes people feel that the species must be brave and fierce, but in fact, betta is relatively mild. Betta usually only fights with the same kind.

Betta has a long and beautiful large tail fin with bright and eye-catching colors, which is of great ornamental value to the breeder.

Betta fish have strong adaptability. The water temperature can be adapted from 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. They can survive without eating for three consecutive days. The most special thing is their respiratory organs, which can be converted into oxygen as long as they breathe a breath of air on the surface.

Introduce the entry type for everyone.

The market will be classified by tail type:
Veiltail Betta
Combo Tail Betta
Crowntail Betta
Rose Tail Betta
Half moon Betta
Giant Betta